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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

String Summit

Before Finn was born, and before we lived in Oregon, Todd and I started traveling from Montana, to Oregon, for the Northwest String Summit Music Festival every summer. We have gone each and every year, even pregnant and new baby in hand, except for 2 years, in which we had weddings of dear friends that were more important. So, you might say that this is a part of our summer, something our family looks forward to each year.
This was the first year that Phoebe was really old enough to know and appreciate what was happening around her. She loves music, and dancing, and she told me that she would like to move to String Summit. Finn on the other hand... well he does not feel quite the same way about music. In fact, while we were there he asked me why they bothered to have music during the day. In his opinion, the only reason to see music was the night time light show, and if it is day time... well, it is easier to just listen to recorded music.
At times it can be a bit challenging.... Finn has a really hard time using port-a-potties. Both kids get tired and crabby before we want to stop listening to music. And if you take your eye off of Phoebe for more than 10 seconds.. well, she might just disappear. But, we all had fun. We camp in family camp, so we are surrounded (literally) by young folks and parents. The kids get to stay up late, do crafts in the kids tent, eat sweets, and play with glow sticks. And, there are peacocks roaming free across the grounds. I think it is one of those memories our kids will treasure when they are older.

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  1. Memory making for sure. Tell Finn I have a hard time using port a potties too :)

  2. looks like a fun time (love the french fry look) Now I agree with Finn-NO to the movable, unsanitary bathroom...

  3. What a fun event! Looks like you all had a good time ~ memories made!