Mama Gone Green is a blog dedicated to raising happy children and reducing our impact on the Earth. My name is Taryn and I am the mother of 2 young kids and an environmental studies instructor at a community college in Portland, Oregon. Please join me as I journey through life as a mama, teacher, knitter, photographer, gardener, and environmentalist!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our Week

We have had a busy and super fun week.  In addition to making the trek to Mt. St. Helens on Wednesday, we also managed to fit in a trip to a local creek, a trip to the zoo and to the children's museum (we have passes to both), a visit to the Portland Art museum, and we spent some time in one of the downtown fountains.  I also got to have a day trip of my own (without kids), but more on that tomorrow...... I love summer!

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  1. Looks and sounds like you guys are enjoying summer to its fullest :)

  2. What a fun mama you are! Looks like you are all enjoying a great summer!

  3. wow, you did so much in one week! Lovely photos of your summer days with the kids!