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Friday, June 19, 2015

Our June Garden

Our garden is changing so much every day. Winter squash vines magically reach out arms overnight,  the tomatoes seem to grow several inches in a day, and every morning new buds and flowers grace us with their presence.
Right now we are eating from the garden here and there, but mostly we are just waiting... the strawberries and snap peas are mostly gone, the spinach has bolted. But blueberries are almost ready and tomatoes aren't too far off.  The garlic is just about ready to be harvested (I think).  Zucchinis are growing and in just a few more days will be big enough to eat. The blackberries are just starting to turn pink.
And with a little more patience we will have two kinds of peppers (one hot, and one not), pumpkins, winter squash, pickling cucumbers, elderberries, potatoes, yellow plums and a whole lot of grapes.
Oh and crickets.. apparently we are good at growing those around here. How many can you spot in my photos?
How is your garden?

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  1. Isn't is interesting how different growing seasons are in different parts of the world? Our squash has been in so much that I am kind of tired of it, and we picked black berries months ago. Right now
    it is prime blueberry season so I am picking twice a day to beat the birds. I spend all morning putting up cantaloupe for the freeze and there is a pot of preserves bubbling away on the stove.
    Enjoy you garden, your day and the weekend.

  2. It is all sounding and looking great Taryn. Happy weekend.

  3. Beautiful! I can't wait to get home and see my garden!

  4. It sounds like things are going great. (and looks that way too). May I ask, did you start your blueberry bush this year? I know so little about them, but the girls are asking to grow them.