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Friday, June 5, 2015

Fare Thee Well, Sweet Mutter

Well, after 5+ years, we are a duck-free home. Today we packed up Mutter for her new home on a farm in Washington. She will have TWO ponds, lots of duck friends, and no raccoons living next door. The family who came to get her was so sweet (they even brought me a jar of homemade jam!) and Mutter got to ride home in the cab of a truck that also had two kids, two teeny kittens, and a dog. I guess she will feel right at home. 
When I was getting Mutter ready to go, I tried to pack her in a medium sized box and as soon as I set her in, she flew right out. So I packed her in this huge 3 foot box that the kids were saving to use for a fort (sorry kids). But, when the woman arrived, the box was too tall for her car... so Mutter just rode in the backseat (with the kids and the kittens). I hope she stayed put and didn't do any flying on the drive to her new home....
Phoebe and I bid her farewell. There were duck- snuggles and a couple of tears shed. What can I say.... it's the end of an era. We really had no choice though... the raccoon was back yesterday morning and again yesterday evening trying to get her. I hope to have ducks again, one day, when I live somewhere a bit safer.
Until then, I will miss my ladies! Pin It Now!


  1. Hugs my friend, I completely understand how difficult this was. It does sound like you found her a lovely home though. I have a feeling she will be very happy. xo

    1. Thanks Kim. I feel sad, but also happy because I know I have found her a good home. And I am a lot less stressed worrying about being on raccoon patrol!

  2. So glad you found a good home for Mutter.

  3. Hopefully she will enjoy her knew home - it's hard saying goodbye

  4. I'm happy you found her a home and she will be with other ducks and animals, sorry you had to relocate her but the raccoons would have attacked her as well.