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Sunday, March 1, 2015


My sweet little Phoebe, my baby, turns four today. Four! It sounds so old, so grown up, so not-a-baby-anymore. And she's not a baby anymore, is she?
But this age is amazing. I love her spunk, her independence, and her imagination. I love her goofy personality and her tendency to tell you exactly what is on her mind. And to tell any person that passes by exactly what is on her mind too. I love that when she is sad or tired, a good snuggle usually makes everything better. I love how everyone she meets is her friend and I love how she pretends to be shy, even when she's not. I love how she sings about everything, all the time. I love how she constantly tells me that she loves me and that she wants to be together forever. I love it all and I love her to pieces.
I know that over the next year, the bits of baby still left in her will fade even more. She will become more independent. She will probably start to say "three" instead of "free", and maybe she will start putting her shoes on the correct feet. But no matter how big, how grown up, or how independent she becomes, she will always be my baby.
Phoebe has taught me so much about life: how to ease tension by being silly, how to instantaneously forgive someone, and how to unabashedly tell people how much you care for them. I am so very lucky to have this amazing little lady in my life. Happy Birthday dearest Phoebe!!

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  1. Oh, happy birthday, P! And happy birthing day to you, dear mama! Oh, four. Four, four, four! Doesn't seem possible at all. :) (Love her sweater, by the way!)

  2. Happy birthday Phoebe!! she is soooo beautiful and sweet, you have done a very nice and touchy post, thanks for that :)


    Lluisa xoxo

  3. Happiest of days to Phoebe!!! And happy birthing day to you Taryn. I honestly can't believe she is four!!!! Wow! Hope her next trip around the sun is filled with amazing things.

    Love her sweater :)

  4. happy birthday to your daughter, she is delightful and I've enjoyed watching her grow :)

  5. Happy Birthday Beautiful little lady. The pictures you chose seem to fit so well with your lovey tribute to her.

  6. I love her sweater too! What cute pictures, hope you both had a great day.