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Monday, March 9, 2015

A Fourth Birthday Party

Last Sunday, Phoebe turned four. And, for her fourth birthday she wanted nothing more than a My Little Pony party. Now, My Little Ponies are not exactly my favorite, but it wasn't my party, so I happily agreed to indulge her.
We tried to keep it simple, but you know how things always end up being more complicated that originally intended. At least at my house.
For decorations I made a pony banner and then just reused all of the decorations from Phoebe's rainbow party last year.

Phoebe really wanted to dress up as one of the ponies, Rainbow Dash, for her party. I found a Rainbow Dash mask from a shop on etsy,  and had my friend Heidi, who has a sweet little etsy shop called Humble Luna, make her a Rainbow Dash tail. They booth looked fantastic. I paired this with a simple dress that I quickly made from My LIitle Pony fabric and the Rainbow Dash sweatshirt that Phoebe got for Christmas.

Instead of a fancy, complicated cake, I decided to do a few varieties of cupcakes, and top the ones for the kids with miniature My Little Ponies. This made it easier for me, and the ponies became their party favor to take home.

For activities, I made craft stations with a My Little Pony theme.

There was a mask-making station, where each kiddo could choose a pony mask to decorate. I got the mask templates here.

There was a hair salon, where each child could choose a barrette and use hair chalk to color their hair.  I bought plain barrettes from the craft store and then got My Little Pony button from this etsy shop and just glued them on with a hot glue gun. The hair salon also had pony tails that I made. I simply took old yarn from my stash, made a tail, and stuck a clip into it.

There was a tattoo parlour, with DIY pony tattoos.

Their was a face painting station, where kids could paint cutie marks on their faces (for those who are not in the loop, cutie marks and the symbols on the sides of the ponies that differentiate them from one another).

And lastly, there was a bracelet making station.

The kids stayed busy and had fun. I think a lot more time was spent running around wildly than actually at the craft stations, but that's OK. As long as they were happy! Pin It Now!


  1. Happy Birthday to both of you!
    This is one of the cutest birthday party ideas I've seen in a while. Simple, affordable, and fun.

  2. I bet she loved it! She looks awesome as Rainbow Dash :)

  3. happy birthday!!! Looks like a fun party and my daughter who will be 25 yo loved my little ponies as well :)

  4. wow lots of work! good job :) i once bought a huge bag of my little ponies (probably about 50) on the goodwill bidding site for $10.

  5. Looks like that was one great party! Very well done mama, everything looks good :)

    Lluisa xoxo

  6. How cute!! I love the way you organized this wonderful party. Those cup cakes are looking stunning. My daughter is also going to turn 2 years old in the next month. I would use some of your ideas in her party. Well I’ll host this party at one of the local party city locations NY.