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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Happily joining in with Amanda at Habit of Being for another weekending post. 

Friday night the family headed to the Edgefield,
a fairy-tale feeling hotel and vineyard that does a summer concert series each year.
Furthur was playing,
a favorite band of my husband who loves Phil Lesh.
Surrounded by woods
with a view of the almost-full moon.
Two kids at a concert is hard work.
Much time was spent chasing Phoebe
until she finally fell asleep on my back.

Saturday morning the husband let me sleep in until 7:45!
What a treat.
Now that we have a child in school,
we are up every day at 6 am. 
And while I like the idea of getting up early,
my body usually does not.
After coffee and breakfast, we headed to the farmers market.
We ran into some friends, ate a few goodies,
and got some food for weekend dinners.

Todd and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon rearranging furniture
and organizing and purging the garage, which we use as a storage area.
It amazes me that no matter how much we seem to purge,
it always seems like there is too much stuff!
A very early dinner of tacos (and margaritas!), and Todd headed back to the Edgefield for more Furthur, while me and the kiddos stayed home
and watched Chimpanzee.
After the kids went down,
I had some alone time with netflix and my knitting needles.

Saturday night I was struck by insomnia,
which meant that Sunday I was running on about
3 hours of sleep....
Did some sewing, some cleaning, some working,
and a lot of lazing...
Finn and I spent a bit of time in the garden,
went shopping for new pants for school,
and did some art together.
Took Finn to a birthday party-
one of his oldest friends.
Dinner and wine at home with Todd
after the kids were in bed.
And now I am off to rest my head!

Another full week with early mornings...
there never seems to be enough time! Pin It Now!


  1. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend. I know how you feel about always having too much "stuff" in the garage. We are there too. I also know about early mornings. I get up at 4:30 a.m. to leave for school at 6 to teach A hour and now I can't seem to sleep much past 5 even on weekends. You are right, there is just never enough time for everything. Hope you find some time to slow down and relax a bit this week!

  2. What a sleep in to have!! Knitting with Netflix sounds right up my alley!!!!

  3. the quiet time saturday night sounds good - in fact, it sounds a bit like my saturday night ;-)