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Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Fall Garden

I am a couple of weeks behind schedule, but I finally got my fall garden planted over the weekend. Fall gardens are always tricky for me... we have a rather small space and big dreams...which means that most of our fall plants and seeds get tucked in between squash vines, amongst pole beans, and anywhere else a patch of unoccupied space resides.
This year I planted kale, lots of beets, chard, lettuce, arugula, mustard greens and radishes. Garlic and shallots will find there way in there in the next few weeks, and I am debating giving some broccoli starts another try (we have had poor luck in the past).
Do you have a fall garden? What are you growing? Pin It Now!


  1. Sadly I do not have a fall garden :( But I will enjoy watching you blog about yours!!!

  2. No fall garden here, but I am thinking about trying next year. I will keep our greens going as long as I can see them in the snow and we will continue to harvest whatever else keeps growing.

    Looking forward to following your fall garden.

  3. I love hearing about all you've planted.
    My husband Jeff planted lots of kale. Now we want to plant garlic. :)