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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The End of Summer

Last Friday, the family headed to sunny Colorado. Todd and I met in Colorado, both went to college and spent a long time living in Colorado, and both have a lot of wonderful friends in Colorado. I miss it dearly, and if it was up to me, we would live there. But, it's not... Todd's job is here in Portland, as is the home we own, and, well, Portland is pretty great too. So, if I had to pick a second-best place to live, I guess this is it.
But, I was extremely happy to spend 5 days visiting old haunts, seeing old friends, and letting Finn and Phoebe play with our friend's children.
Unfortunately, the day we got there, Phoebe spiked a high fever, which stayed pretty high until Monday morning. Monday she woke up feeling back to her old (crazy) self, however, Finn must have had a little stomach upset because he threw up (all of our friend's living room). We worried he had the flu, but he felt fine immediately after getting sick. When we finally thought we were in the clear, a rash developed all over Phoebe on the way to the airport Tuesday (probably the end of whatever viral infection that gave her the fever).
By the time we got home Tuesday, Phoebe's rash was fading and everyone else felt fine, aside from being really tired.. Sort of ironic how our entire trip was consumed by sickness, yet the minute we returned home everyone seemed to be fine. Regardless, the trip was fantastic and it was so good to see my old friends. And Finn had so much fun that he keeps asking his dad if we can move to Colorado (good job, buddy!).
Now we are just trying to re-settle in to our non-vacation lives and trying to find a rhythm before Finn starts school TOMORROW(more on that soon)! Luckily, I have a couple of weeks before I start back at work, which should give the family time to find our routine.
Hard to believe that summer is already over. Our August was full of fun and adventure, and that will be missed. But, I think we are ready to settle into a routine, and lead slightly more predictable lives. At least for awhile. Pin It Now!

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  1. Sorry about your trip and all the sickness, not fun, but glad to hear everyone is feeling better again.