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Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekending (Or, A Duck’s Dance with Death and a Trip to Flock and Fiber)

Joining in with Amanda at Habit of Being for a very late weekending post. Our internet has been out since Saturday and it is finally up and running again. It made me realize how much I rely on the internet for my daily functionings!

This weekend was:

Friday night; a lot on my mind.
A few hours at pub knitting with some very delicious
Cucumber margaritas. I need to find a recipe.

Saturday morning I had faculty meetings at the community college
Where I teach.
I brought along my knitting, and found that I was not the only one!
In the afternoon, the family headed to Crystal Spring Park,
A scenic and much-loved retreat for this family.
The weather was perfect and I can’t imagine a better way
To spend the first afternoon of fall!

A quick stop by a local brew house for a growler of fresh hops,
And home to grill out, beers in hand.

But….. upon arriving home, we realize that
Finn has locked us out of the house.
(He locked the door lock and we only have a key for the deadbolt. And, he locked the back door, which we usually leave open just in case….).
So, we broke in through a window and pushed Finn through.
Soon after the kids turned cranky. Very cranky.
And there was a mad rush to get them fed and put to bed.
After the kids were tucked in, I went to put the ducks in their house
For the night.
The boys flew out of the pond, but Mutter, the female, didn’t get out.
Instead of quacking, she was squeaking.
And instead of shying away from me, she let me stroke her head.
We took her out, and she collapsed on the ground,
Wings akimbo and unable to walk.
She looked like she was near her end….
After a quick internet search, I diagnosed that she was likely
Egg-bound (an egg stuck somewhere inside her).
We brought her in and warmed her in the tub.
I pet her, and sang to her, sure that these were her final moments.
A few hours later, her eyes were bright once again.
Her feathers were no longer ruffled, and her wheeze and turned back into a
We keep her in for the night, and by Sunday morning,
She was quacking up a storm ready to get back with her flock.

Sunday morning started out lazy.
A walk with the dogs
And a pirate play orchestrated by Finn
Then, I headed to Flock and Fiber,
The local yarn and wool extravaganza.
I went with my friend Heidi, and went without the kids,
Which meant that I could truly enjoy every moment.
The animals were adorable and hilarious,
And colors caught my eye everywhere I turned.
Gorgeous yarn and roving,
Almost too much, as it was hard to make any decisions.
But I did come home with a bag of multi-colored roving
And a beautiful skein of yarn to make a hat for ME!
Sunday afternoon was sunny and lazy:
Picking green beans from the garden,
Making curry for dinner,
And looking forward to some quiet time before the start of
Another big week!

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  1. A wonderful weekend, except the part about getting locked out and the cranky kids :) The fiber show looks amazing.

  2. your pictures turned out great!

  3. Wait, did you figure out what was wrong with the duck?

    1. Not for sure... we are assuming that she had an egg stuck inside her and that it eventually passed through wherever it was stuck. But this was just going off an internet search on my i-phone!

  4. I am so glad your duck is fine, I was worried while reading. You have GOT to make more keys for the house....Quite the weekend!

  5. what a full weekend! no fun thinking your duck was on her way out but so glad she has returned to her normal self and is feeling better. and i do love that your weekend ended with's such a perfect meal on a sunday evening :)

  6. So glad the duck is ok! Flock and Fiber sounds like such fun - and without littles?! Sweet!