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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to Work, Finding Rhythm

I had the summer off. Yup, work-free. Well, work-free is not exactly the correct terminology, since being a mama to 2 young kids is inherently a lot of work. But, I did have the summer off from working at my job as an environmental science instructor at a community college. And it was marvelous to have a break.
I obviously don't bring the kids to work with me while I teach. But, I also don't have childcare for the time that I need to respond to emails, write tests and class plans, grade assignments, and prep for lectures. So, the non-teaching part of my job often gets done in 5 minute increments throughout the day, or at night after the kids are in bed. And, it sort of gets in the way of life at times- there is always something I should be doing. And, it can be hard to find a balance between work and home...I feel like I could (should?) be doing more for my classes; I should be a better teacher, read more on the topics I teach, revamp assignments, and on and on and on. But, I need to remind myself that even though I am a teacher, I am a lot of other things too... and my number one job is mom. So, I am mostly a mom and I squeeze the teaching into the spaces that I can find throughout my days. And, it has worked, but it can be a little stressful... so a summer break was wonderfully needed.
Yesterday, I went back to work to start a new semester. Throughout much of August, I was actually dreading going back (and even sort of wishing I could quit). But as my break has drawn to a close, I started to look forward to going back to life outside the home. Re-finding my rhythm as a working and stay-at-home mom, depending on the day. I am looking forward to spending time with new students, learning from them, and (if all goes well) inspiring them. In all honesty, I love what I do and I feel so lucky that I have a job where I can help people learn to live more sustainably.
Our lives have sort of been in turmoil here lately, sorts of which I am not yet ready to blog. So, going back to work seems like something stable that may help to anchor me through these rough waters I am navigating.
So here is to a new start. A new semester. A new class. And to finding my rhythm after a long (and much needed) break. Pin It Now!


  1. You sound so balanced, and that is what makes a good mom. My husband is in academia and we have loved his somewhat flexible schedule during fall and spring semesters. He has considerable time off in the summer which the kids loved (as did I). If you are happy your children will be happy!

  2. I can relate to disliking the stress of balancing work outside of motherhood, but enjoying the work! Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful semester!

  3. Enjoy the new start, and have a wonderful semester.