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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finn's Art Space

Finn's art space. Sadly, this is about as clean as it gets!
 Finn is an amazing artist. On a normal day, he spends1-2 hours on art projects, most of them ones that he initiates and carries out completely on his own. His creativity amazes me.... from recycled art to paintings of people with super-human qualities to intricate scenes where an entire story is happening. I have always enjoyed art. I took a drawing class in college, love to be crafty, and spend a lot of time with my camera. But drawing and painting are not my forte, and I am seriously impressed with what Finn can come up with.
Anyways, creativity takes space and often makes a big mess. And, in an 800 square foot house, space is what we don't have (although, usually we do have a mess!). So, over time, I have been moving more and more of Finn's art supplies to our covered back porch, and giving him free reign over creating art out there. He has a table, an easel, plenty of storage and ample floor space. In essence, it has become Finn's studio. I must say that since my crafting workspace (aka mom's studio) consists of the corner of my bedroom, I am slightly jealous of Finn'a creative space... yet thoroughly enjoy that we can provide him with an area to do what he loves.
Finn is a pretty anxious little guy and art seems to be his go-to activity to calm him down. I notice that sometimes he is in a negative mood, but after spending some time creating, he is much more positive and way easier to deal with. I think he just needs to be alone with his imagination and some colors, and it seems to do wonders for him.
He does make a huge mess, and although we try and clean up together each night, it is rarely actually clean. But, I have learned to live with that. We have had to impose some rules about cleaning up (each night) and restrictions on how much paint can be poured at one time. But we are making it work.  Now I just wonder what will happen when the weather gets colder and the back porch is not such an inviting place to be.....
Here is a quick tour of Finn'a Creation Station:

Material storage. Now the paint bin needs adult supervision!

The work table and painting easel.

The paint bin- Finn's favorite!

Works in progress.....
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  1. Loving this art space. And the fact that it's outside = brilliant!

  2. Wow, that's great. Good for you, mama, for giving Finn the space to be creative. I must admit I am art-o-phobic because of the mess that I need to clean up afterwards. But I know it's important!