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Friday, September 21, 2012

Genetically Modified Foods: A Film and Some Ramblings

When Courtney over at A Life Sustained blogged about this film, I knew I had to give it a watch. Genetic Roulette is a documentary about genetically modified foods (GMOs), the health problems they are causing, and the greed behind their creation. I have seen a few films on this subject, but most are very science-heavy. This film included more of the tangible effects of what can and does happen to our bodies when we eat these things. Diseases like autism and asthma, food allergies and diabetes, are all being linked back to genetically modified foods. The film is sobering, and despite the fact that this wasn't new information, it reinstated my anger (at big agro-corporations and at our government) for letting this get so out of control.
We are unintentionally feeding our children food that is harming their bodies and their minds, and sadly, parents have little choice because these foods have inundated our food system. Although Europe and many other areas require GMOs to be labeled, the US has no such rules, and every time the initiative gets put on a state ballot, big corporations spend lots of money to sway people's minds.
I plan on writing (yet another) letter to the FDA and to my local representatives urging them to require labeling of GMOs, to start long-term testing on the food they are feeding us, and to protect future generations from the downward path that we are currently headed down. And in the meantime, since it doesn't seem like our government is doing much to protect us, I will continue to buy organic food (which is GMO-free) as often as possible. For more tips on how to avoid GMOs in your diet, look here.
Watch the film. Write letters. Strive for change. Our kids are depending on us! Pin It Now!


  1. We have followed suit here in Canada and decided not to label GMO foods, much to my dismay. I so wish we would make the move to lable GMOs.

    Really though when I talk to clients about it most have no idea, which is sad considering the health effects.

    We avoid GMO foods and if I can't get an alternative with GMOs we don't eat it.

    Think I will watch this later this evening, thanks for the review.

  2. A wonderful review, Taryn. In reading some of the comments to other posts about this film elsewhere on the 'net I am so very frustrated by the apathy. So many people lump this in with other food issues and say things like "no one's forcing you to eat all that junk food." I think because people are unaware of the very real dangers that GMOs pose, it's more easy to write them off. I think this film does a great job of filling that educational void. Here's hoping to positive results in November.