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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yarn Along

Joining with Ginny at Small Thing's for this week's Yarn Along.

The rain has returned to Portland. I am sad to say goodbye to the sun and warmer weather, yet at the same time, I am happy to have a return to the rain. It feels normal. It feels like fall. I am now laughing at myself because if you would have asked me 8 years ago if I would have ever said that, I can tell you that my answer would have been 'no way'. How things change....

Rainy weather is good for tea. For knitting. For curling up with a good book. For a glass of wine in a room full of candlelight. For stomping in puddles. For getting wet and warming up. For making soup. For slipper wearing. In these things, I am ready to indulge.

I am still working on a slouchy hat for me, in mustard yellow nonetheless. I was about 3/4 finished with it when I realized I had forgotten to switch to bigger needles and it was going to be too tight... so I had to rip back to the ribbing and start again. So, I am not much farther ahead than I was at last week's yarn along.

I  am still reading Gideon the Cutpurse. I have about 150 pages to go. It's OK. OK enough that I don't want to stop, but I am also not drawn to keep on reading. I am also reading Clash of Kings, the second in the Game of Thrones Series, however, I am trying to plow through Gideon before I get fully absorbed in the Clash.

What are you reading? What are you knitting?
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  1. The rain is returning here to New England tomorrow but only for a day. Then the chilly weather arrives! And that will be good for some knitting and indoor relaxation! Great color for your hat!

  2. Each season has its good points, and I think you hit most of them for fall. Enjoy indulging :)

  3. Love the simplicity of this hat and the color! Your own pattern or can you link it somewhere for others? :-)

    1. Thanks! Yes! Just click on the word hat above and it is linked... not sure why my link color has changed to the same as my text!!

  4. Yes rainy weathers are perfect for tea and knitting! The hat looks wonderful, your pictures are beautiful!. :)

  5. I'm so sorry about the needle mix-up, but your hat is going to be lovely! I think I mentioned that I really loved that color. Your rainy fall weather and plans sound idyllic. Enjoy!

  6. no!!! bummer about not switching the needles but maybe you had double the knitting fun. I'm not a huge fan of rain.....but I try to accommodate it.