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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Quick Trip to the Coast

Finn didn't have school last Friday, so we decided to head to the coast, just for a night. Our oldest dog, Puppy Cow (the white and brown pup with the under bite shown in a couple of photos near the end) is almost 14 and is not doing so well. He is on a lot of pain meds, and although I hope he chugs along for several more years, my intuition says that he may not make it until next summer. So,... I wanted to bring the dogs to the beach and spoil them a bit. Make sure that he got another chance to roll in the sand.
Before kids, our dogs came everywhere with us. Now, with 2 kids and 2 dogs, it is just too much and the poor dogs always get left behind (sorry guys!). As the kids get older, I think it will get easier to incorporate dogs and kids together in adventures. I hope so anyways!
The weather at the coast wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either and we got a couple of good hours of beach time in. I feel so lucky we had a chance to fit this in before the Oregon winter weather settles in. For those of you who don't know what winter weather means for the Oregon coast-- wet, wet, wet. And usually not too great for hanging on the beach.

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  1. Oh I'm sad about your dog....I love the puppy years and the in between, then the older years are so challenging. I wish you peace and hope the time you have is full of love. Great photos of the kids and the dogs :)

  2. Sorry about your dog, I hope he enjoyed his time at the beach. Our dogs were the same before the little man came along, we treated them as our little ones :) Since then two have passed, and Shelby, now 12, just doesn't like the car, so she stays home.

  3. Lovely pics, and sorry to hear about your dog. When I grew up we had a dog and they are so much part of the family, aren't they? Hope he has a good number of years left before that final good bye. xx

  4. That looks like they still had a good time! Sorry about your pup :( (just getting back into the blog world - do you have instagram, by the way - I'm much more active on there these days since #2 came along... ;)

    1. Thanks April! I am on instagram as tarynoakley, although I tend to post there a bit more sporadically. What is your instagram??
      Hope you are well!