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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekend Adventures

The weather here has been gorgeous. Actually, it has been a bit too hot for my liking for October (in the 80's!), but right now that seems better than cool and rainy, so I am not complaining. Sunny Octobers, the kind where the leaves actually change color before they fall off the tree, yup- these are some of the best days of the year in my opinion.
We took advantage of the sun and went to Hood River on Saturday to pick apples. We didn't get too many this year, as we decided that we want to eat most fresh and only make a small amount of applesauce. We chose golden delicious, jonagold and empire. The empires are so sweet and gorgeous-- almost purple in color. I love! There may be a pie in my near future as well....
This morning the kids and I headed to a pumpkin farm about 30 minutes away. I didn't want to bring home pumpkins for carving yet, but we did choose some decorative pumpkins for the house. The kids played in the bouncy house and the hay maze, we ate apple cider donuts, and brought home some kettle corn for later. And we even made a few four legged friends...
Hoping to squeeze in a few ore outdoor adventures before this amazing weather ends!

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  1. I keep hearing about these apple cider donuts, they must be good. I have never heard of them here, but will have to check out a local mill, if anyone has them they will.

    Looks and sounds like a great weekend. Fall weather has definitely hit us, and we have brought out the scarves and sweaters...yay!

    Phoebe looks so grown up.

  2. Gosh your kiddos are growing up. Love apple picking. Miss all the fruit picking we used to do in California!

  3. looks like a good time, where we live there are pumpkin festivals and this year I want to go to one. Just one and breathe in the fresh country air. Never had an apple cider donut but would gladly eat one :)