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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny of Small Things for this week's yarn along.

Knitting this slouchy hat for me. I only have a couple more inches to go, but it seems that summer weather sneaked up on me, and I have been spending more evening time outside, which means less time inside watching movies and knitting. But, this project has no time frame, and with 80-degrees on the thermostat, no rush for a new hat anyways!

In the world of reading, I am still reading Moby Duck.  But, I swear, this time I am almost REALLY finished. I am planning to be done with it (for once and for all) by next week's yarn along! (It's a personal goal, let's hope I can do it)..I am also about 3/4 through with Bright Side Up by Amy Spencer. I am enjoying it and it helps to put a positive spin on those not-so-glamorous moments (or weeks) of life. I just picked up a couple of books from the library today that I had on hold and am anxious to dig into those.... but not letting myself until I get these 2 finished up!

And now I am off to grade, grade and grade some more! The end of term grading is a big load, but it is also a sure sign that summer (and a break from teaching!) is right around the corner....

What are you reading? What are you knitting? Pin It Now!


  1. I love that colour!

    I hear ya on more outside time than inside, makes knitting a little bit trickier, especially with hands covered in dirt :)

  2. Your hat would match my shawl, just sayin. Have fun with the end of the year stuff, that means there's an end in sight! Lovely :)

  3. I am finding zero time to knit these days. I saw flight behavior is out in paperback so I may splurge rather than wait out the library wait list..I have a huge summer reading list!Now, if only I had time to read or knit...