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Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekending with Strawberries

This weekend was just what I needed... a little bit of everything:

An early Friday bedtime
to help me battle this warm weather cold I have.
Saturday strawberry picking with Todd's cousin
who was in for a visit.
(Can you tell who was eating all that they picked?)
Lots of spring cleaning and purging.
(Still not done though-- is it ever?).
Lots of time in the garden
and peeking in at mama duck....
just to make sure there were still not ducklings!
Saturday was date night out to see a really fun band
(despite the cold, I still had fun!)
And Sunday dinner with a good friend from out-of-town.

This week will be full of anticipation:
for ducklings who are on their way,
for me to give a final and submit grades, which means my summer break will start,
and for Finn's school to end on Friday!
Summer, here we come!

How was your weekend?

Joining in with Amanda from The Habit of Being.

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  1. wishing you the best as you give finals and finish grades...i remember how good it felt to turn in grades and be done ;-)

  2. I can see who ate the strawberries, cute! Enjoy the final countdown to summer.

  3. I love strawberry picking. I'm going to miss these amazing California strawberries when we are back in Denver. Cute pics!

  4. wow yall start summer late up there!

  5. Your little helper there looks like she ate more than just one :) Lovely!!