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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mystery Wheat and Our Old Friend Monsanto

In case you haven't heard about the 'mystery' genetically modified wheat that was found in eastern Oregon, I think Stephen Colbert did a good job of summing it up. Of course, I am partial to Stephen Colbert (and very non-partial to Monsanto)....
For me, this is certainly a scary issue..... GMO foods turning up where they haven't been planted..... and 8 years after the testing for these seeds has stopped. But, I keep thinking that maybe, in some way, this is a good thing. It is certainly getting a lot of attention in the news, and it is certainly making Monsanto look bad and irresponsible. Maybe this will alert us to the fact that we don't really know a whole lot about these modified foods: how they spread and interbreed, and the long term effects on us or the environment. Maybe now is a good time to stop and test the GMO products that have already inundated our grocery stores and to think about the repercussions that these food could ultimately have on the future of agriculture in our country and across the globe. But hey, that's just my opinion.

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