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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Seven Links Challenge (or A Walk Down Memory Lane)

Kimberly over at The Wyatt Zoo asked me to participate in the Seven Links Challenge. Seems like a good chance for me to reflect over my musings, so here it goes.

There are two rules to this challenge:

1. The blogger who is nominated must publish seven links of his/her own blog for the categories below (1 link per category).

2. The blogger then nominates five to seven bloggers to take part, and it (hopefully) goes on.
1. Most Beautiful Post - I guess it would be Phoebe's Birth Story. Actually, maybe that one grossed some people out, but for me, it was beautiful. This was a hard one though, because unless you count just posting beautiful photos, I tend to write about a lot of not-so-beautiful things (like environmental problems). Who thinks global warming is beautiful?

2. Most Popular Post - Hmmm. How do you calculate popularity of a post? Number of comments? If I go by comments, it would be the first time I posted a Yarn Along. But is that really the most popular? I guess the one that I got the most inspiring responses from was Phoebe's Birth Story. Am I allowed to use that one twice?

3.  Most Controversial Post - I think this would probably be Population Growth and the Future of our Planet , although I feel like a lot of what I write could be controversial to some. I am always preaching about how everything we do is destroying the planet, and I think people could definitely take that the wrong way.

4.  Most Helpful Post - Hmmm, another tricky one. I think most of my posts are intended to be helpful to someone somewhere. But, not everyone benefits from the same sort of help you see.... I think my Learn an Herb series has had the most people tell me that it has helped them. Does this count? Also, the post that was most helpful to me was Sometimes Being a Mama is Hard. I think just being able to vent my feelings was tremendously therapeutic.
5.  Most Surprising Successful Post - I think overall, my Yarn Along posts have gotten a lot of comments. I guess in one way that is not surprising as a lot of folks participate in yarn along.... however, seeing my same books and same projects week after week must get tiring for you readers!

6.  Post that Didn't Get the Attention it Deserved - Well, honestly, I don't expect any of my posts to get a lot of attention. One important post that I didn't get much response to is The Importance of Community. And I thought it was an important topic.

7. Post that I am Most Proud Of - I guess it would probably be Where does YOUR food come from?. This was actually my second post ever, but I think it is a pretty important one. And this is based on what I wrote, not the picture...

Now it's time to pick people to play along. This challenge takes a bit more time than just accepting an award (which is why I've put off playing for two weeks). So if you don't want to play, I completely understand. Still, it could be a way to highlight some old posts from before you had many followers, or to bring attention back to a post you were really proud of. I had fun taking a little trip down memory lane doing this one.
Some folks that I would love to invite to try this challenge are:
The Freedom Three, Peas and Carrots, A Measure of... , and any other bloggers out there who are ready to do some reminiscing.
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  1. I have enjoyed many of your posts, but for some reason I have had a hard time posting comments, but I do read!!!

  2. I'm so glad you played along! I just went back and read Phoebe's birth story. Beautifully written! I can't wait to check out your other choices.

  3. Oh man, I still haven't followed up on the nice award you gave me earlier. Is it weird to have blogger guilt? I'll try. :) Not sure I've written anything controversial. I'm a little lacking in the balls area. :) Wish I was more gutsy!