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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Puzzle Bags

As part of my big purge that has been happening, I have also been doing a lot of organizing and re-organizing. Finn has a bunch of those cheapy puzzles.... you know, the kind you get at the grocery store for a few dollars? Well, he loves these puzzles, yet the boxes they come in are not sturdy and they take up a lot of room. I had had enough of finding places for puzzle boxes and dealing with boxes that were falling apart. Behold..... puzzle bags!
For each puzzle, I made a quick drawstring bag from leftover fabric from my stash. Inside each bag are the puzzle pieces (of course), as well as the picture of the finished puzzle (formerly known as the top of the box). Then, I also cut out the small picture on the side of the puzzle box and tied this onto the drawstring to prevent the ribbons from being pulled out of the bag. Finally, I tucked all of the puzzles into a box made for organizing photos that I had laying around, and our multi-shelf puzzle stash now takes up a fraction of it's previous real estate. Plus, Finn thinks they are super cool and has been doing puzzles non-stop!
 old puzzle storage....

new puzzle storage
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  1. Oh, yeah! We just entered the puzzle realm and the boxes are making me crazy. Awesome idea - thanks!!

  2. Great idea! Love it. My friend and I once dreamed of our playrooms full of little draw string bags....all nicely sorted and labeled. :) This is great! Too bad board games are so big. Talk about a real estate hog! Happy Anniversary by the way!

  3. nice- we like doing puzzles here too- I have a hole closet full of them.

  4. this is way better than the plastic bags we put them in over at mom's last weekend!

  5. my mom's, lol, the way i said it made it sound like we were sisters.