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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Yard-full Weekend

This past weekend was yard weekend 2011. Wonderfully productive and wonderfully exhausting. And actually still not quite finished yet....
If you have read any of my recent posts about the ducks, you may know that they did a bit of a number on our backyard turning into a mud pit. Fun for them, not so fun for us. So, this weekend we (OK, well mostly Todd but I did help!) moved 4 yards of pea gravel into the backyard and 2 yards of gravel into the fenced in dog portion of the front yard. We still have about 1 yard left to move, which will become a pathway past the side of the house which gets muddy and slippery when it rains. We are so happy with the new backyard, although I am not sure that the ducks are sold on it! We eventually plan to add some more plants, but need some time to figure out what the ducks wont eat and the best locations for the plants. Consider it a work in progress.....
The gravel piles in front of our house. 
This angle makes them look way smaller than they actually were.
The new backyard!
We also did a bunch of gardening this weekend. This was mostly my job as Todd hauled rocks. I planted our garden box in the backyard (shown below) with seeds: wildflowers, beets, carrots and lettuce (among the already growing potatoes, garlic and greens). Throughout  the front yard (top picture), I planted seeds of beets, carrots, pumpkins, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumber, winter squash (3 varieties), watermelon, bush beans, pole beans, corn, lettuce, and cilantro as well as starts of 4 types of tomatoes, 2 types of peppers, dill, and 2 types of basil....It doesn't look like much yet, as mostly everything was planted from seed, but big changes will be coming soon (hopefully!) Let's hope that the slugs don't eat everything like they did last year. And I also need to make sure that emerging seedlings don't get trampled by happy 3-year old feet!
I finished up the weekend by having a big sew marathon last night. I had a few things to make for my etsy shop, a few gifts I needed to send out, and of course, since Phoebe is in 3-6 month clothes now, I had to spruce up some of her wardrobe (see below)... I also squeezed in a quick pirate shirt for Finn.
And now I am exhausted, but need to muster the energy to finish moving that gravel!

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  1. Awesome! Family gardening and little sewing...sounds like a perfect weekend!