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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Few Forgotten Crafts...

While I was waiting for Phoebe's arrival, I ended up doing some serious nesting in the form of making things. Between the craziness of a new baby and dealing with a toddler, a few projects were forgotten (at least in terms of blog posts). Well, more than a few actually, but a couple that I did want to share here. And since this was a crazy busy weekend and I haven't prepped anything else to blog about, I figured today was as good a day as ever.
The first was Phoebe's baby blanket. I made a little quilt for Finn before he was born, as well as both of my sister's children, my cousin's baby, and also some of my friend's children. I think of it as a rite of passage for new babies welcomed into our family. Anyways, here is the one I made for Phoebe a few weeks before she arrived.
This is the baby bonnet from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Super cute. And a super silly face to go with it! I used a washable cashmere-cotton blend that is super soft and so this was enjoyable to knit. The only downside is the sizing..... it is a one-size fits all and Phoebe has a pretty large head for her age and it is still a bit too big. I think this is more for a 6-12 month old head and not for a newborn which was what I was envisioning. I hope it still fits her next fall when the weather cools down again!
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  1. that is such a cute face- and I love the button on the hat- too cute-
    Be sure to stop by my blog today!!

  2. Adorable hat! I need to check out the "Last Minute" books...every project I've seen out of them has been adorable. I love the quilt too!