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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lanolizing Wool Diaper Covers

Before Phoebe arrived (in my super-duper nesting phase), I made her a couple of wool soakers. I finally got around to lanolizing them about a month ago. Lanolin is the component in wool that makes it really waterproof. When wool is processed, however, the lanolin is removed. So, if you want a hand-knit wool soaker to really be waterproof you need to add that lanolin back in. Lanolin can be found at any drugstore (usually either with the baby supplies or the women's-need section). The whole process was quick and easy to do. I found some very thorough (and rather entertaining) instructions here:

The diapers so far have seemed to work well. However, I must admit that these are usually my last go-to, and only get used when the diaper stack is low. I think that they just don't fit her quite right yet, and also I have found it hard to keep the insert in place while pulling it up over her bottom. The store-bought covers all have velcro-sides, making them much easier to get on and off. Maybe when there are less poops (like not every diaper change) these covers will work a bit better? I am now sort of wishing I made made them in a size medium instead of small, as they might be more practical for slightly older babies. Oh well.... they look cute nonetheless.

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