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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yarn Along... slowly, slowly

Joining with Ginny at Small Thing's for today's Yarn Along.  A little friend joined me this morning for my photo. She didn't really crawl up to my book, but I set her nearby and she came up to explore. I then removed her and put her in the neighbor's grass (along with a few other snail friends that were enjoying my garden this morning). I have a problem with killing snails because they are just too darn cute. The minute those eyeballs pop out, I am suckered into shooing them along instead of feeding them to the ducks (like I feel no shame doing with slugs). Call me a little snail obsessed if you like, but I am guessing I'm not the only one who has a soft spot in her heart for these guys.

 I finally feel like I am starting to make progress on my sweater. However, at  close to 2 skeins in, as I was dividing for the sleeves, I realized that somehow I was about 40 stitches short! I think that my brain just doesn't mesh very well with the pattern author's writing. I already had to frog this sweater once, near the end of the first skein, and start over. So, even though I was afraid the sweater might be way too small for me, I decided to forge on. I added a bunch more stitches when I separated the sleeves, and happily, I think it worked. I guess I will know for sure when it is all complete, but I am feeling confident. I think if I had to rip this one out again, it would have been quite a long while before I started over. I have made a small mistake in the ribbing too, but I think it is one that only I will notice...

I am still reading This Place on Earth, and working on finishing up the first book in the Game of Throne series. I have been reading a little bit almost every day, but only a very little bit. I feel like I have been reading these books for ages! I have a whole stack of others just waiting for me, so time to step it up.

Some sad news in knitting, one of my favorite yarn shops in town is closing down, and even sadder is that they hosted the monthly pub knitting that I looked forward to every month. Next month will be the last one, ever. I think that I need

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  1. Wow, not so good for you at the moment, the frogged sweater and the closed yarn shop. May be, your pub knitting can find another place. I keep the fingers crossed. I'm glad, you're thinking green - everyone is important to save the nature! :-)

  2. So sad about that little store closing. Stores like that are fun and make a community a nice place to live. My reading is going slower than I would like as well - but I figure that as long as I am reading something, I'm OK. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  3. bummer about the yarn store :( I hope there are others you can go to and meet some people. I like your knitting buddy-quiet, slow and contemplative.

  4. Too bad about that yarn store. Loving that colour you are knitting with.

  5. love those colors. wish I was more of a knitter. sigh.