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Monday, May 5, 2014

My Little Guy is Growing Up...

I haven't had much to write about for the past few days. Does blogging work like that for you? Sometimes I feel like I have so much to get out, so many posts just waiting to be written, and then other times it feels more blah..... like there isn't much worth putting down on paper (or digital paper anyways).
The weather here has been moody, and raining off and on a lot. And, my allergies have been terrible. Like terrible as in causing crazy headaches that only go away with Sudafed. Which, you can't even buy here without a prescription, by the way, because of the meth problem in the northwest. Luckily my mom sent me some last year when the same thing happened, so I am all set. I hate taking meds, and would much rather resort to homeopathics or herbs, but sometimes you need to bring in the big guns...
So anyways, enough complaining. The real reason why I decided to write this post is because of Mr. Finn. He is 6. And a half. And he has never been the super independent type. I have never been able to drop him off at a birthday party, or even a play date. He has always needed me to be there with him. I was his security blanket. When he was a toddler and couldn't fall asleep he would yell out "I need mommy's arm"-- and I would go lay next to him and he would rub my arm until he fell asleep. Sweet, huh? So, a couple of weeks ago he played over at the neighbor's house for about 20 minutes without me. It was the first time he went to a play date without me. It was spontaneous, and didn't last long, but I was a proud mama.
Guess where Finn is right now? Play date with a friend from school. At his friend's house. Without me. I walked him to the door and he ran in without even saying goodbye. And we are an hour and a half in and no phone calls, so I think he is doing OK.
I know this probably sounds silly for most parents, but this is a huge step for him. I am so proud of him for being so brave and overcoming his fears. And, also, a teeny bit sad that he is so grown up and that he doesn't need me anymore (as much as we want them to grow up independent, it does feel nice to be needed). But mostly, I am happy for him. Happy that normal kid things aren't stressing him out as much as they used to.
I love six. Such a great age. They are still young enough to be silly and cute and mostly innocent, but old enough to be independent and to have real conversations. And I am so proud of my brave (not-so) little guy. Pin It Now!


  1. This is so wonderful to hear. Big reasons to be proud. He looks so grown up in that photo.

  2. Yes, those little ones do grow up. I remember when we struggled so with my youngest when he was just a little guy. He was such a "handful" at school. Now he will be graduating from high school with a decent GPA and great plans for the future. They do grow up and mature and change and become what we worried so they never would be. Sounds like Finn is doing just great. Have a good week.

  3. oh how exciting that he is growing up and being confident when he is away from you, that is huge! I remember when he went to kindergarten and the transitions. Love his handsome photo!