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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Some New Friends

I have some new friends I am very excited for you to meet. I have sort of been keeping it a secret for the past week-ish because I wasn't sure how things were going to turn out, but I am pleased to introduce our pacific chorus frog tadpoles!
The reason why I have been hesitant to post this is because they didn't seem to be doing so well at first. We came home with 7 and had lost 2 by the next morning, and then had 3 more that didn't look so hot. But, after some time to adjust, our 5 remaining tadpoles all seem to be thriving!
We plan to raise the tadpoles and watch them turn into frogs and then release them back where we got them from. Admittedly, I think I am actually way more excited about this than the kids are, but I think that they will learn a lot through the process. I just get the biggest kick out of sitting and watching them eat and swim. They are way too cute.
They are a bit more work than I had anticipated, as the water gets dirty very quickly, but that's OK. I already take care of kids, dogs, cats and ducks, so what are a few more small critters added to the list? Also, it's nearly impossible to get good pictures of tadpoles in an aquarium. Just an FYI.
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  1. We used to bring home buckets of them from a pond near a local swimming hole when I was a kid. My mom never thought to take them back so we would just watch them turn into frogs in the buckets in our yard and eventually they would just hop away. yikes!

  2. Fun! We did this last year, and plan to do it again this year. We need to get out and look for some eggs or tadpoles. Have fun!

  3. just yesterday we stopped at a well filled eternal puddle to watch the frogs that live in it. No signs of tadpoles yet :) Good luck being a tadpole mommy.