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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Best Weekend

I had such a fabulous weekend. My eyes are pretty much closing on me as I type, but I figured I had better reminisce about the weekend while the memories are still fresh...
Friday night the whole family headed to the coast. The weather Friday night was terrible-- cold and rainy-- and the forecast for Saturday wasn't much better. We woke up to cloudy skies and some misty rains. But after a coffee on the beach and a swim in the hotel pool, the skies were clearing up and we had some blue sky. We spent time in Seaside in the morning, had a sunny lunch on an outdoor patio in Canon Beach (it was glorious!), and spent the afternoon at Hug Point, a marvelous gem of a beach with several caves and a hidden waterfall. Somehow, we had never been there before. It was a sunny Saturday and only a few other folks there....I felt like we had stumbled upon a hidden secret (except that it is clearly labeled on maps). If you are not familiar with weather on the Oregon Coast, sunny days are hard to come by, and I felt SO very lucky that we had a wonderful day of sand and sun.
Saturday night was spent at home (watching the Blazers lose). But Sunday morning I awoke to a quiet house at 7:15 and shortly after the Todd and the kids arrived bringing coffee and breakfast, and very many cards and love letters from the kids telling me how much I am loved (my heart is still melting). After breakfast, the kids and I went on a short morning hike. We saw a few birds, a magnificent bushtit nest (still in the makings) and a whole slew of tadpoles and salamander nymphs. In the afternoon we had a picnic at Mt. Tabor, our amazing neighborhood park, and then I had dinner out of the town with four other lovely mama friends ( a Mother's Day tradition).
The weekend was absolutely perfect. If it could only be just a bit longer....

And, as I am posting these pictures I am realizing how grown up my kids looks. How grown up they are, I guess. I am so very lucky to be the mama of these two wonderful creatures, and am realizing I need to soak up these moments before they are all grown.

Hope your weekend was everything you needed!

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  1. Such beautiful spots you visited! I'm glad you had a lovely weekend. I love that picture of Finn with the binoculars. So cute!

  2. Beautiful photos of what sounds like a wonderful weekend. Hope your week is just as lovely.

  3. looks like you celebrated the weekend in style! Love the rocky edges of the coast and then the water! So beautiful!

  4. What a lovely weekend and a nice way to spend Mother's Day! Have a great week.

  5. Hug Point is one of my favorite spots on the coast. There was a couple getting married there on my birthday when we were there, how cute is that, Getting married at Hug Point? It was raining, but whatever..