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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yarn Along

Joining with Ginny at Small Thing's for today's Yarn Along.

I finished Phoebe's purple plain vest a couple of weeks ago. I finally got the buttons on and yesterday I surprised her with it to wear.  She told me that now she really only loves light purple, so apparently I got the color a bit wrong, but she did wear it and even did a bit of modeling for me.

I have finally started knitting my sweater again. I am almost through the first skein of yarn, but it is slow going... I have only been managing to sneak in a row or two at night before succumbing to the need to rest my entire body, including my hands!

On the reading front, it seems like all of my library holds have come in at once and I have a big ol' stack of books to get through. I just started Allegiant, the last in the Divergent trilogy, and the last of the teen lit sci fi books that I have on my to-read list. Does anyone have any more suggestions? I have been loving these quick and thrilling reads-- sometimes, my mind just needs an escape.

I have also started reading This Place on Earth, which is about the environment (and environmental problems) of the Pacific Northwest. It's about 20 years old and so frustrating to read about the environmental problems he writes about... because, they are essentially the same exact problems we are facing today. We have learned so much over the past twenty years, yet we haven't done enough to put our knowledge into action.

What are you reading?  What are you knitting?

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  1. I love the vest! Somehow the simple patterns in simple uni colours turn out most beautifully! And the dark purple works really well with light purple - tell her ;-)

  2. lovely! enjoy the divergent book... my daughter loved the series!

  3. Love the vest, it looks great on her. I am reading Rhythms of Learning and just cast on a sweater for me :)

  4. cute vest and it's a beautiful purple, I bet she will be into a vibrant purple before long (fingers crossed).