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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dear President Obama

Yesterday, in celebration of Earth Day, the kids and I had planned to pick up trash around our neighborhood after school. We picked up trash for about 10 minutes when the sky turned ominous, and it started pelting hail at us (ouch). Thunder and lightning followed soon after, and before long we were running back to our house with only a couple of small bags of trash in hand.
The other activity on my agenda was to spend some time planting seeds.... but apparently I had forgotten that April in Portland is not necessarily spring weather.... and we were basically stuck inside.
So, we decided to write a letter to the President instead. I think President Obama will be quite impressed.

How was your Earth Day?
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  1. i bet he will get something back and that is SOOOO exciting :)

  2. This is so great. I used to do things like that with my children when they were young. Thanks for teaching your kids to care about the world around them and become involved!

  3. We picked up trash too, unfortunately too much, and we didn't even get the whole road we walk done. Doing more tomorrow. Way to go on the letter Finn!