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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Gratitudes

This week I have felt grateful for 
  • The post-spring break return to a more normal schedule , and starting to feel settled once again into our weekly routines.
  • The cuteness that is Phoebe.  She just started a hip hop dance class last week, and I can't say that there is much cuter than a group of 3 year old kids raising the roof.
  • My sweet, sweet boy. He is so thoughtful and generous. He is always lending a hand to help with Phoebe when I am stressed, or is busy drawing pictures to give to others as presents. He has a heart of gold. I couldn't be prouder.
  • Moments of sun and warmer weather, and snippets of time spent in the garden.
  • Despite the business of life, still finding a few moments to take time to myself.
  • A knee that is feeling better, even after my first short run last week.
 What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Our children bring so much happiness and joy into our lives, don't they - well, at least most of the time ;-) Have a great Sunday!

  2. I am grateful for my daily walks, the sun that has finally showed up today, the wing dinner from yesterday....mmm.....and my knitting! Your son sounds like a great little one and yes to raising the roof at any age!

  3. Beautiful list. And gorgeous photos.

  4. The wonders of childhood are a beauty to behold and to be immensely grateful for :)

  5. 3 year old hip hop?!? That makes me grateful and I've never even seen it before! :)