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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Years of Living Dangerously

We are living in a time of climate change. A crisis, really, yet few seem to be doing much about it. For me, personally, climate change is always on my mind. Always. Yet, I seem to be able to push it way far back in there so that I can function and enjoy my time on earth without being in a constant state of panic. But honestly, it scares the crap out of me. I am so nervous about what life will be like when my children are my age... yet I feel so hopeless as to what I can do. In my opinion, so much of this battle rests on the shoulders of our leaders, our politicians, our corporations... the folks who have the girth to sway how this planet works. We need to stop using coal and oil and natural gas and figure out new energy solutions... and we need to do it now. And no matter how many letters I write, or petitions I sign, or demonstrations I attend, I can only do so much. This whole issue needs everyone-- the entire global community-- to get on the same page and choose to make a difference and save our planet and ourselves.
OK, end of rant. For now.
I sometimes get glimmers of hope that maybe we will band together to solve this problem. There is a new tv series on Showtime called Years of Living Dangerously. The awesome thing is that this is on a hit tv network, and has the chance to reach out to lots of people who would never watch a documentary on climate change-- so there is some great potential. The bad side is that it is on Showtime, an "extra" channel that makes this show not accessible to lots of people. But, the first episode can be watched online for free, and maybe they will post subsequent episodes as well.
I watched episode one over the weekend and it was sad. And a bit inspiring. More than anything it is a good reminder that plenty of people are as worried about climate change as I am, and maybe, just maybe, we will soon be on a path to change.
So, check out episode one. Spread the word. Take some action.

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  1. I totally agree with you about climate change - scary and yet as one person, it is so easy to feel like "I can't do anything about it." I used to think that if every person did just a little bit (like driving a little less) that would help, but now I don't think that is enough - changes have got to be big and come quickly. I don't have showtime so haven't heard of this series, but it sounds good and if I get the opportunity, I will check it out. Thanks for letting us know about this show.