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Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Weekend

We had the most fabulous weekend. The weather was amazing! Cool crisp mornings, with sunny warm afternoons. Perfect fall days. It doesn't get any better.
The kids and I started off the weekend on Friday afternoon by going on a little adventure. We went with some friends to a local natural area and hiked around. We heard lots of frogs and saw wooly bears, slugs, and even a snake.
Saturday morning we headed to Lincoln City (on the Oregon coast) for their kite festival. The weather was gorgeous! Even during the summer months warm clear days are rare on the Oregon coast, so this was a special treat. The kite festival was just OK... soon after we got there, the winds died down and by the time we left there weren't even any kites flying. But the warm sun and sand was all I really needed.
Sunday the kids and I went to Oxbow Park and went in search of "cool stuff". And we found a lot. Tons of mushrooms (not for eating), spiders, weird leaves, cool rocks and birds.
Sunday night, I hosted a naked ladies party (a ladies clothing swap). It was so fun to have some time with the ladies, and I came home with some new (free!). clothes.
How was your weekend?

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  1. A beautiful weekend. Your kiddos look so grown up :)

  2. Your kids look so happy and healthy! Fantastic photos and that slug---eep!!

  3. Wow!! Those are the most amazing pictures -- it does look like you had a great weekend!