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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Moments in Nature

Living in a city, it is necessary to make time for nature. Sometimes, the urge to go is so strong that nothing could stop me. And other times we get so wrapped up in school, work, appointments, and life, that I realize it has been many days, sometimes weeks, since I have been away from the city bustle and had some quiet time among the trees.
Our schedule is currently too variable for me to set aside a specific afternoon each week to spend time in nature, but I want to make it a point to go and find some wild- even if it is a little patch within the city- each and every week. I want to learn the names of more of the birds and plants that grace my neck of the woods, and I want my children to learn them too. I want to find and admire rocks, and bring a few home as treasures. I want to breathe deep standing amidst the trees, feel that sense of awe wash over me, and share that feeling with my littles.
The past few days have been much too rainy to enjoy any time in the woods, but we had a couple adventures last week before the rains hit. Hoping that the weather clears a bit this week, as I have the itch to hike and explore!

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  1. Time in nature if food for my soul, happy you are making time for it with the kiddos. So good for all of you. Enjoy! And I do hope that rain clears up soon.

  2. I am happy to say that we live in a very small town and I am surrounded by nature and I don't take it for granted. Whenever we visit my sister in Pittsburgh and I hear and see the noises of a bigger population I think of my little town thankfully.

    Love the photos!!

  3. We've found a nice balance now in the town we've been in for the last year or so. It's a suburb, but we chose it because of its large network of pathways and parks. I can get the kids to school, to the store, to our doctors' office, etc, all on paths through the woods. Sure, the road is right there next to us, but the woods are no less alive for that. We see nature every day. Today it was a pair of vultures wandering the path right in front of us. Last week it was three deer at the creek. And everyday, we check on our favorite skinks, hawks, spiders, ducks, toads, turtles... I still long for time really without the cars and roads, but feel so lucky nonetheless to be able to spend time in nature even if we can't get out of town.