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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Spirit

Finn is throwing a Halloween party on Saturday. It was his idea, he came up with the guest list, and he provided a lot of input for food, activities and decorations. I (obviously) have had to do a lot of the actual planning, but this party was 100% inspired by Mister Finn.
Anyways, we have been hanging skeletons and spider webs to make the house spooky, but we decided to add a little more hand-made flare. Most of these ideas came from pinterest (I love pinterest, yet I also feel like it squashed some of my creativity as there are too many cute ideas to replicate!).

Footprint ghosts (inspiration here). Note: Finn and I have really high arches and our print did not make anything that really resembled a ghost. Flat-footed Phoebe's came out pretty good though!

Alien leaf bugs, inspired by this.

An eyeball tree. This idea was actually my own. I bought styrofoam balls and used glitter glue to paint eyeballs on them. Then i used thin wire to make loops. I gathered some branches and spray painted them black with a glitter final coating, and arranged the whole thing in a vase.

Our Halloween wreath. I bought the actual wreath, spray-painted it black and glittery, and used hot glue and jewelry wire to add store bough spiders and Halloween bells.

Jack-o-lantern stained glass. We have done these before, but was reminded of them here.

What have you been crafting for Halloween?? Pin It Now!


  1. Wow, it is going to be a great party. We have been doing a bit of crafting, pinecone spiders have been the biggest hit :) And of course carving the pumpkin.

    Have a great time on Saturday.

  2. my crafting for halloween days is over but I'm loving seeing what you are crafting. The footprint idea is a cute one!!