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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Lucky October

Here in Oregon, we have been having lovely weather this October. I feel so very lucky to be spending so much time outside, soaking in the sun, enjoying the fall colors. We all know it is just a matter of time before the winter rains begin, and we likely won't see a stretch of sun like this until July. Depressing, right? So for now, I am on an outdoor mission.
On Monday, the kids and I headed out for an after-school adventure to a state park on the Columbia River. We stopped at a beautiful overlook along the way to see the view of the Columbia River gorge with the beauty of the autumn leaves. When we got to the park, we took a short hike through the woods and found ourselves on the banks of the Columbia. Funny enough, we apparently (unknowingly) picked a trail to a nude beach. Right before we popped out of the woods, there was a sign saying that we were entering a "clothing optional area". I don't mind nude beaches, so it wouldn't bother me anyways, but thought to myself that no one in their right mind would be naked on a windy 58-degree day, even if it was sunny. Boy, was I wrong. Three out of the four people that we saw on the beach were naked. All I could think was burr!!!
We played in a the sand, and Phoebe was fascinated with the close up view of all of the kite surfers (who were not naked, by the way). I think she would have stood there all day watching if she could have (and the next day she asked me if she could have a water-kite!). One day, Phoebe, one day.

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  1. What a fun day. Beautiful pictures. I'm with you about the nude beach, but then as an Arizonan, I'm pretty much cold in any temperature under 80, even with my clothes on. I didn't know Oregon had nude beaches in state parks. I learned something today. Keep enjoying a lovely fall!

  2. Wow, that is a stunning spot. The kiddos look so happy.

    Burr is right :)

  3. gorgeous outing and I love that you share your picturesque views with us! One day maybe I'll see it in person.