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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What We Have Been Making....

Fall, for me, is a time for making. Baking breads and cooking soups in the kitchen, knitting cozy gear for winter, and starting holiday projects galore. During fall, I always seem to muster up to motivation to tackle projects new and old. Here is a peak at what we have been making lately:

A new batch of lacto-fermented pickles using this recipe. They are much better than my last batch (which was WAY too salty), but I must say that I actually prefer the taste of vinegar pickles. And, 2-year old Phoebe, who is pickle-crazy, won't touch the lacto-fermented ones, even though she doesn't know I made them differently. Maybe the different taste is just something I need to get used to?
applesauce and then some applesauce muffins (sorry, no picture) to follow,

play dough, for my budding little artist,

Serrano-infused tequila (which was quite delicious in some Friday night margaritas and so very easy to make!),

Ginger and chile pickled green beans (which I still have yet to try),

A new batch of home-made lip balm (makes a great present!) from oil infused with herbs from my garden,

And, two pairs of knitted arm warmers for a cancer fundraiser (and now, I have two requests from my kids for pairs of their own),

What have you been making?
How has fall inspired YOU?

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  1. I've been making a lot (for my new Etsy shop mostly), but unfortunately not inspired by fall yet. We're still in the 90s over here.

  2. boy have you been busy! I'm addicted to lip balm in the fall and winter, either my lips dry out because of the weather or I'm a mouth breather due to a stuffy nose, or both. applesauce muffins sound delicious.

  3. So much goodness being made in your home :)

  4. You are officially my inspiration! :)