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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Finn started kindergarten last week. We were all a bit nervous beforehand, as the start of last school year was not easy. Last September, Finn was diagnosed with sensory issues and anxiety, and there seemed to be never-ending hurdles. But, this was a new year, at a new school (without a foreign language), and our hopes were high.
And..... things have been pretty great! He didn't cry the first day of drop off, but bravely talked to friends old and new, and got busy with his play dough. The first 3 days were amazing: no crying, no pee accidents (which were much too common last year), and he was in high spirits at pick up. Thursday was not-so-great. I won't go into details as to spare my son's integrity, but let's just say that things went bad enough that I was called into school to come and deal with him. But, Finn and I made a plan and he has been having great days ever since.
The start of school hasn't been perfect, but it has been way better than I could have imagined. Let's just say that Finn has a couple of proud parents over here. Fingers crossed that this keeps up! Pin It Now!


  1. Glad things are going well for him! There will always be hiccups with kiddos, but it sounds like you were there for him and just what he needed. Hope it continues well!

  2. The title of the blog post is by far the bestest around!! Glad he is having mostly good days and that must make you feel great :)

  3. So happy to hear things are going well with school. Way to go Finn!!!!

  4. So happy for you and Finn! And, I agree with Karen's comment above - awesome blog title.

  5. Way to go Finn, I am proud of him to! Keep it up BuddyFinn!