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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Memorial Day Hike

Todd was able to take Monday off of work, and we headed to some nearby woods for an afternoon of hiking and exploring. The weather was overcast and rainy, but we managed to stay dry under the thick canopy of trees. It was nice to be out in nature together as a family.... with our busy schedules, that is something that happens with less frequency than I would like. I often take the kids out alone, but I must say that it is nice to have another adult along.
We did some hiking...

Found quite a few snails..

...and some slugs.

Then Finn decided to impersonate a snail, and the way that they pull in their eyes when they are nervous:

We found some ferns. A lot of ferns, actually.

And we found a few faerie homes.

Phoebe enjoyed the scenery from my back, although I could tell that she was wishing she could have been crawling around (there was poison oak there, however, so we weren't willing to let her explore!)
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  1. Now that's a slug! Makes the ones that terrorize my garden seem like babies. Your environment is so lush and green!

  2. Wow, that slug is huge!!!! Looks like a great hike.