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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Explore Spring: A Review

Explore Spring by Maxine Anderson is a book geared towards elementary age children and is full of tidbits and activities surrounding the changes that come along with spring. Topics include how the tilt of the Earth creates the seasons, the sprouting and growth of plants, trees, animal migrations, spring babies and weather. Although many of the topics in here are a bit too advanced for Finn (age 4 1/2), there is also plenty that he is interested in. He wanted me to read him the section about tornadoes, and then later that day I heard him explain how tornadoes form to his friend. So cute!
Several of the activities also seem perfect for kids of any age. A few I want to try are carnation dying (have them drink colored water), making a cloud inside a jar, and making a wind chime. Since I am teaching Finn's preschool this week, I just may try and incorporate a few of those into the "lesson plan" (which is mostly playing).
This book is a definite worthwhile check-out from your local library, especially for kids age 7-10ish. I only wish they had one for summer, when we will have plenty of time for explorations! Pin It Now!


  1. Cute I should check it out for my little scientist.

  2. Sounds fun! I'll have to check it out.