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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I am Loving Right Now

The cool, crisp fall morning air

The smell of apples, pears and pumpkins baking in my kitchen

Enormously fat, chubby baby rolls

That Finn's new favorite breakfast is oatmeal topped with parmesean cheese (eww, right?)

Lemony chickpea stir fry (find the recipe here)

The simple joys, like a pile of leaves, that an almost-4-year-old discovers every day.

What Are You Loving These Days? 

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  1. yes, ewww! LOVE the baby rolls :-)

  2. I wanted to say I love the Fall season all together, and I do, but today it's so grey (and raining), it's hard to see past it ;) The kitchen is a great place on a cold rainy day!

  3. Oh my gosh.....her rolls!!!!!! Are you kidding me?! They are the best!!!!! I've never had a roly poly baby. So stinkin' cute.
    I was thinking of doing just such a post...of what I'm loving right now. I think I will. Yours is so sweet!

  4. All such wonderful things! I love the eating the leaf picture. Yum! ;)