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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

180 Degrees South: A Review

A couple of nights ago, the hubby and I stayed up watching an excellent movie entitled 180 Degrees South. It's mainly an adventure film that depicts Jeff Johnson's excursion to a remote area of Patagonia, where he does some extreme surfing and ice climbing with several well known climbers. In addition to the breath-taking scenery and the extreme athleticism, this film also does a wonderful job of incorporating environmental concerns into Jeff's adventure. The film touches on population growth and resource consumption, global warming, pollution, and several other "hot" environmental concerns. While the film is still mainly focused on the adventure, I love how these environmental tid-bits are trucked in. It connects the environment to the "real-world", showing those who are not scientists how everything is connected.
I would recommend this film for all! The only downside: it totally made me want to jump on a plane to patagonia (not so great for my carbon footprint)! Pin It Now!

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