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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We're Goin' On a Slug Hunt!

One of our favorite family past-times these days is hunting for slugs to feed to our ducks. The ducks will hunt for slugs on our own, but we keep them in the backyard and our front yard is overrun with those slimy suckers.
One of the best benefits of our ducks is that they actually love to eat slugs. Ewww. But, I find it both intriguing and magical that they can take a food source that almost nothing else would eat (certainly not me!) and turn it into a food source for me- eggs! (well, eventually at least... our ducks have another couple months before they start laying eggs, and we are starting to believe that 2 of our 3 females are actually males. humph.) But, the slug eating is still really cool... a completely non-toxic way to manage our garden pests (we have already had offers from the neighbors to bring slugs from their yard over.. and the answer is yes! ). Plus, slug-hunting is a great way to bond with a toddler. Anything that is gross and slimy and that gets eaten alive by ducks just has to be cool, right? Pin It Now!


  1. Do they like snails too? If so I will help keep them well fed this summer. Last summer we had a major snail problem!

  2. They LOVE snails. You guys can bring by snail-snacks anytime!