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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Yarn Along

Good morning! Joining with Ginny at Small Things for another Yarn Along. Another yarn along? Already? How has it already been a week?

Still working away at  my sweater.... but I have finished the body!!! I just have some short sleeves and two pockets and it will be complete. I am going to have it done by next week so I can show you all!!!!

Right now, I am reading Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin. It's a book about figuring out how to start (and stick with) positive habits. I am usually a pretty decent habit-starter, however, my life has had lots of twists and turns lately, and I have found that I need some help getting refocused and setting some new rhythms into my week. It's time for me to reassess what I need to make time for in my days, what I can let slide, and how to not talk myself out of doing the former. For example, I often think that it is really important that the kids and I cook together on a regular basis. And then we do it a few times, the kids complain or I get lazy and start cooking everything myself, and then months later I realize that we stopped cooking together. If I can find a way to schedule these important tasks into my week, and make them a regular thing, then hopefully they will continue to happen. I enjoy Rubin's writing and her scientific presentation behind her writing. I have read her Happiness Project book, which I thought was fun, and have listened to her Happier podcasts as well. Hoping that this read will be the motivation I need to get my days in order.

What are you reading? What are you knitting?
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  1. I've been meaning to read "The Happiness Project" forever. I even had it checked out from the library a year or so ago but had to take it back. Her new book sounds really interesting too!

    Good luck finishing your sweater! I've been "finishing" my cardigan for three weeks now! All I need to do is sew the pockets to the body of the sweater and weave in the yarn ends, and somehow it just never happens. And now I've had to put it aside to finish up my Gryffindor scarf for my Halloween costume. One day I'll get that sweater done!

  2. Reading The Happiness Project is what finally gave me enough courage to start a blog :)

    When all my babies were home I would have them take turns helping me in the kitchen, that
    way everyone had a turn without us tripping over each other and they all learned a valuable life to prepare meals.

    I can't wait to see the sweater.

  3. How exciting to be at the brink of a FO!
    That book sounds like what I need! I feel like I rush from one busy time to another and it undermines any positive changes I try to implement. I read the Happiness Project but I actually didn't enjoy it so much: funnily enough I was looking for a more scientific approach. I had read it on the back of a Malcom Gladwell book so maybe that influenced my reaction.

  4. Do you listen to her podcast? I have only just started, and the first one I've already been implementing and it really helps!

    I'm almost at the end of two sweaters right now, and it is so exciting!

  5. I know it will be done next week and then you can model it for us, I cannot wait!