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Sunday, October 18, 2015


 Happy Sunday! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.......  Here are a few things I have felt grateful for over the past week:
  • The beautiful October weather we have had. As I write this, it is raining, which we need desperately.  So I am very grateful for the rain. But, I can't deny how lovely it has been to have many warm, sunny days this month. We have spent a lot of time outside, and I feel like we have really soaked up our October.
  • Phoebe. She is so cute and so silly and so.... four and a half. I know it won't be long until the baby is gone from her, so I am trying to relish her sweet snuggliness as much as possible.
  • My calmness while teaching. For several years, I had bouts of anxiety (with panic attacks!) while I was teaching. Last week, as I was giving a lecture, I realized how wonderful it was not to have that stress in my life anymore.
  • The luxury of having a weekend to relax, catch up, and find myself. Life has been crazy lately, and I was starting to feel a bit run-down. Additionally, I injured my foot last weekend, and I am signed up to run a 10k next weekend. So, I am trying to take it easy on myself, and my foot. I was luckily able to cancel some of my weekend plans, and take some time for me. Time to think, time to be still, and time to heal.
  • For my amazing friend, who brought over dinner for us to share last night after my kids went to bed. Now that I am a single-mama, I have more restrictions on when I can leave the house. I love how many of my friends have been willing to come to me so that we can still spend time together. Where would I be without friends?

What have you felt grateful for this week?

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  1. A beautiful list of gratitude. Hope your foot heals up for next weekend.

  2. rain is something to be grateful for. we need it so desperately here. Enjoy it and good friends!

  3. hoping your foot makes a speedy recovery. Panic Attacks are never fun and I'm glad you are rid of them!!