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Sunday, August 2, 2015


This week, I have felt grateful to be settling back in to some sort of a routine. The kids and I have all been hungry for sleep, for movement, and for quiet moments at home. I am happy that we have had a chance to indulge ourselves.

I have also felt grateful that we averted mini-disasters several times this week: Moshi (our huge, loveable, not-so-smart dog) has separation anxiety and ate part of a rug while we were in Texas. She vomited several times the first two days we were home and only passed a little bit of stool. I was concerned that she may have a partial intestinal blockage and so finally, yesterday, I brought her into the vet expecting her to have to get x-rays and possible exploratory surgery.... but after a rectal exam (poor girl!) a special diet, and only $80, we were free to go. Phew.

Then, on Friday, I found that my bathroom sink had a slow leak that had warped the cabinet bottom and was draining onto the sub-floor. I was able to stop the leak myself, but without saws or any sort of construction knowledge, I was sort of at a loss on fixing the cabinet... luckily one of my best friends sent her husband over who fixed it all for free. So thankful for friends (and their husbands).

Lastly, I am extremely grateful that we have air conditioning. It has been a hot summer here in Portland with 21 days over 90 degrees and several days into the 100's.  We even made it to 107 (F) one day. Just to put things in perspective, we normally deal with summer temps in the 80's, with a few days in the 90's each summer. This has been crazy. My bird suet was melting yesterday, and it is hung in the shade. I feel terrible for the birds, the animals, the elderly and the wee babes too. I am a heat wimp, and am so glad we have AC and a car with AC to get around in.

I am really looking forward to having the next few weeks mostly around home, enjoying summer at a slower pace, catching up on things around the house, and re-grounding my body and my soul.

Happy Sunday!
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  1. So glad your dog is OK and that you were able to avert several costly problems this past week. Wow - it has been hot up there. These hot weeks of summer just drain me. So glad you have AC. We head back to school this coming week. Hope you have a bit longer to enjoy summer. Have a good week!

  2. Yikes on that heat. We have been hot too, but not that hot. I will admit to wishing we had AC a few times, but honestly it hasn't been that bad.

    Friends with skillful husbands are the best. My hubby tends to be the one my friends call on...they are always saying to each other "I bet Justin could do that" :)

    Hope you find some pockets of quiet, and the slow and simple end to summer you are hoping for.

  3. why do dogs do stupid things???? I'm glad all is well, we took Frodo in as an emergency for his red inflamed eye, luckily it was just an infection no scratch and they did NOT charge me the emergency fee :) That thrilled me!! Hope you get your sleep :)