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Thursday, July 30, 2015


It has been a whirlwind summer over here... We have done a lot of traveling which has entailed lots of packing, unpacking, and moving around. We got home late last night from Austin, Texas, and although the trip was loads of fun, it feels fabulous to be home! Sleeping in my own bed was quite a treat!
Texas was hot, and we spent the days swimming and eating Mexican food. There may have been a margarita (or two) in there as well. We got to see a whole bunch of friends, make some new friends, and even found some moments to relax.
Texas was our last big excursion, at least until September, and I am excited to have a few weeks of summer that aren't moving at warp speed. We are supposed to go camping Saturday morning, and still may, but I am also tempted to just stay in Portland and enjoy some more simple days around the house. Adventures are so fun, but they can be exhausting too, and I think my kids and I all need to get onto more of a schedule.
Hoping that a calmer end-of-summer will allow me more time to blog and to read blogs--  I have missed hearing what you are all up to!

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