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Monday, August 3, 2015

A Trip to the Sandy

My dogs don't get to spend nearly enough time hiking, swimming and playing outside as they should. Mostly because Puppy Cow, who is 14.5 years old, is just too old and injured to walk more than a few blocks. And it breaks his heart (and mine) when we leave him behind and bring Moshi, who is only 5 (and quite spry) with us. So, often, they both get left behind. It's sort of been a buddy system thing.
Well, Moshi ate a rug last week, and although she is doing well, I was instructed to keep a close eye on her and not leave her alone for too long. So yesterday, the kids and I needed to get out of the house, and we needed to find a good place to bring Moshi. We decided on the Sandy River.
We tried to sneak Moshi out of the house without Puppy Cow noticing and headed to the Sandy River Delta which is always teeming with dogs. Moshi had a blast. Phoebe loved seeing all of the dogs and trying to get Moshi to interact with them all. She really really wanted to bring a little French Bulldog home with us. She decided that his name should be Chilli Dog, and kept hugging him and calling him that. Even Finn, who tends to approach outdoor adventures with reluctance these days, was in good spirits.
It made me realize that we need to make time to bring Moshi on special adventures too. Dogs make kids laugh. They make me laugh too. And laughter is good for the soul.

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  1. Looks like a great spot. So glad you guys got out and had a good time. Hope Puppy Cow is doing okay.

  2. kids and dogs are so sweet. we don't have one, but this summer we've been borrowing all of the neighbors' pups and it's amazing to see all the sweetness come out (in all of us). and so much laughter! i hope your older pup is doing okay too.