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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yarn Along

Linking up with Ginny at Small Things for an April Yarn Along.

I haven't found much time this week for reading or knitting. I want to do both, and look forward to it each day, and then by the time I get life wrapped up and head to bed I am usually too exhausted for more than a few pages or rows. I started a teaching a new term last week, have actually been being social and spending time with other adults, and on top of that I started taking a guitar class (yeah!). I have played poorly on and off for years, and since I get to take free classes from the college where I teach, I thought it would be fun to learn in a class setting. At least it should refresh my brain and make me practice! I have also been dealing with what I think are some sort of mysterious sudden-onset GERD symptoms (?) that started while we were in Mexico and have since spent a lot of energy trying to figure out how to make my body feel better. I am still working on it, but feel like I am (slowly) making progress.

I'm still working on reading Moby Duck. It is proving to be hard to get through, but the information is interesting, and I hope to get it finished one of these days. Also still reading my quick and easy read from last week, This is Where I Leave You. I am actually enjoying it loads, but like I said, just haven't found the time (or energy) to read.

And the knitting has been about as productive as the reading. After getting a few more rows in, I set aside the In-Threes cardigan that I am knitting for Phoebe. I decide to work on a birthday cowl that I had on the needles since I think I can finish it pretty quickly. Maybe finishing a project will give me some knitting inspiration....?

Hoping this isn't too much of a complainer post! It is just funny sometimes to suddenly realize it's Yarn Along day and then to realize I am still reading the same books and haven't knit much of anything. I just wonder where the time goes! How has it already been a week!?!

What are you reading? What are you knitting? Pin It Now!


  1. Guitar class, how wonderful! I find time is flying by lately too, trying to slow it down and find more time for me, but it isn't always easy. And like you said at the end of the day, my bed is calling and it usually wins over the knitting and reading :)

    Hope you figure out the GERD thing, not fun.

  2. Good luck with the guitar lessons Taryn. Lets plan a jam session! Or we can bring our guitars on the yurt trip.

  3. Hope you feel better! Yay for guitar lessons, I'd take advantage of anything FREE!!