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Friday, April 5, 2013

This Moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by Soulemama.

Cheating again to tell you all how cute my little Finny is..... Tuesday night Todd and I had a babysitter while we went to a meeting. We got home about an hour after bedtime and Finn was still awake. I went in to give him a hug, and he told me this: "Mom, I couldn't fall asleep because I just couldn't stop thinking about you". He then gave me a huge hug and a kiss, rolled over and fell right asleep. Isn't that the sweetest? Pin It Now!


  1. So very sweet! He is a special little man :)

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. So very, very sweet!! I hope you wrote that down somewhere to have bottled up for later!!

  3. oh my. that is the cutest thing ever.